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Title: Paypal change's it's fee's for personal payments so we need to change
Post by: admin on April 08, 2018, 05:23:10 AM

Hi All Admin here,

I went to send payments and see now paypal has changed there fees as i sent the last payment to a member for $0.14 and i was charged a fee of $0.14 with a total cost of $0.28 and today i went to send payments and one was for $0.93 and the fee was $1.22 and yes from my paypal funds not card and yes sent as a personal payment not for services.

I can't waste that money as it come's from the sites funds so some changers need to be made.

Please select your option you think suits the site and you the members as payments via paypal will be now sent as a service not personal and fees will be covered by the member.

This is the only way i can keep paypal on the website.

All payment requests were cancelled and funds sent back to your account as fees were to high via paypal. I will change the minimum payout for paypal to $1 for now untill voting is done in 3 days.